Live review from Playful Palooza:


1. The Garden (4:46″)
2. 我還是一如既往的浪漫 (3:24″)
3. 玫瑰火/ city (3:24″)
4. waiting for a home (2:56″)
5. Tulipa (1:30″)
6. Desert Rose (3:35″)
7. 日/ 夜 (2:40″)
8. feel / day (3:30″)

rosemances is a duo which started playing together in the current outfit for a year, describing their music as “chill, atmospheric ambience, and sweet, dreamy sounds”.

A confident start, their music was exactly how they described. Although the music was probably suited for a quiet night in with a hot chocolate in hand rather than a chilly and windy night in the open, I could not help but get drawn into the warmness of the duo’s music, much of which centred around their life experience and little things that memories are made of, such as sunsets, seas, soft pillows (what I call bunnies and butterflies stuff). Musically is a mixture from electronic ambience to light funk, in the latter of which Mances, the bloke in this duo, skilfully demonstrated his skill on the guitar (as opposed to the bass in many of the former tracks). I was particularly impressed by the guitar playing in the track 玫瑰火 (I guess “Rose Fire”…). Despite only being a duo, the outfit made full use of the stage by dancing and just simple meandering and interacted very successfully with the audience in their relaxed, chilled out manner. At one stage the duo performed sitting sitting on the edge of the stage, which definitely created a “fire side chat” atmosphere with the audience. The duo wore matching costumes of cream coloured fleece tops on the night which definitely contributed towards that “home” ambience. Both the bass and the guitar were of a similar colour and on checking out rosemances’ sites online, I believe this cream colour is a bit of a “branding” thing for them. One thing I want to point out, although not really part of the review per se, is that both the guitar and the bass were Squier, which, in a brand conscious city, really is a breath of fresh air.

This reviewer, a self-confessed rocker who sneers at anything electronic, has to admit that I was bowled over by rosemances’ music and had the urge to go home, snuggle up against my teddy with a cup of hot chocolate (neither of which I have). There is an air of cuteness and warmth in their songs which I do not often find in their genre (of which I have already admitted I am no expert but their music touched my heart). rosemances is definitely going places and has at least won over a new follower on Spotify!

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