Rusty Cross


Live Review from Underground 25:
Rusty Cross bludgeon about 20 or so adoring head-bangers, fingers jabbing skywards, into submission. The fans include a couple (?) of members of dark metal/gruntvox band Entracura. Good theatrics too. R.C. make a r.s.r. as well, speedslamming through their repetoire as the fans turn the dance floor into mosh pit h.q. The singer exhorts everyone to higher levels of response in what sounds like fluent Goblin. My mate, Digger the Ligger, thinks the guitarist is overstretched a little, trying too hard to reach some notes. Gang of Four used to do that all the time as well, but they were probably being post-ironic. Practice always helps. Some of the guitar solos mine the same distorted, echoing, fuzzy, reverberating wah wah sounds that have been a feature of all 4 bands tonight. The drummer rocks. Willem smiles as he snaps his final pix and promptly removes his earplugs. It’s been another analogue night of music, mistakes and merrymaking with minimal mayhem and over 100 people in attendance.
Nick Lovatt

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