Live Review from Underground 26:
The first band is Sarasvati whose 4-song set comprises a fine mix of slo-mo rock grooves, some raga rock, slow and steamy vox and a mid-tempo tune to finish. Ah Ning (bass), who is the Barry Manilow of the group (“I Write the Songs”). Ah Po (guitar), who creates the music with Lung Jai on drums and the gorgeous, pouting Emily on smoky, sultry blues-rock vox. .Some nice touches of heavy-jangle Byrds meets Electric Prunes raga guitar on the second track which is about space travel. Emily, who has been singing for about 3 years in blues-inspired bands has good stage presence – some swagger, – some cool poses against the howling backdrop of the band’s guitar wigouts.
Nick Lovatt
Nick! Barry Manilow didn’t write “I write the Songs” – William Sickey

“Support Underground!” says Emilie (Vocalist)

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Performances by Sarasvati: