Scream for Silence


Live review from Heavy #12:

1. Intro
2. 導航
3. 6/8
4. Demo2
5. 第五首(No name)

After the final gallops of Nasty Dudes’ rock rodeo left the stage, it was time to sober up the party atmosphere with something a little more raw and wrenching. Scream for Silence opened a vein of emotion with five post-hardcore tracks harking back to 90s Washington punk brevity and contemporary screamo acts, such as Of Mice & Men. An angst-laden melodic opener led into 導航’s fevered screaming punctuated with atmospheric guitar blasts.

The most excessively noisy act of the night, SfS took time to build up bruising walls of sound against which to bash bitter lyrics and impenetrably heavy guitar. The songs – frustratingly vaguely named and even more frustrating to locate online – blossomed from the incoherent rage of 6/8 to the more tempered emo alternative rock of final track 第五首, which recalled scream stalwarts Circle Takes The Square.

Lead singer [X – don’t know his name!!]’s vocal cords sounded like they were being tormented by a cheesegrater as they bore the brunt of the sonic violence, alternating between blistering, anguished screams, and tortured singing. Little can be found of this Canto band online, but this is music that loses its potency on record. See them live: they have a few gigs lined up over the next few weeks and are sure to build up an ardent following before they next surface on an Underground stage.
– El Jay

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