Live review from Underground Heavy #9:


1. 暗角裡的聲火
2. 逝水年華
3. [Untitled]
4. 繁華路

ScreamHard had an easier time beginning their set, and they jumped right into their super-heavy stuff right away. They play a mix of several very simple elements: it’s basically punky metal, the kind of music that the hardcore punk of bands like DOA inspired, or in other words: crossover thrash. There’s a very Void/Suicidal Tendencies sound to them, with the insistence of the heavy-hit drums and the torrid, scratchy, fast guitars, and of course screaming. Their sound is all about its punch, and they have plenty of it. They also have touches of the heavier side of QOTSA. I think I heard a cowbell on [Untitled], which was unexpected, and a great touch. 繁華路 was more reminiscent of early thrash, when the bands hadn’t yet added a heavy bass layer to their music. They are wonderfully into their slightly noise-rock side, and don’t have the ‘tyranny of metal’ noodling and formulaic arrangement. They are also one of the more energetic bands that are around; from the guitarist’s rolling around on the stage, to their guitar salutes, they’re definitely into the music they’re playing. The singer and guitarist even moved out into the crowd to infect them with their energy, and it worked. People who go out looking for good heavy bands, I suspect, will find ScreamHard much to their taste. However, another thing I must mention is that their songs are very samey – and not just in the way that heavy bands’ songs are generally samey. I found it hard after their set to clearly remember which song was which, and I was paying close attention to it. Make no mistake, they are very good at what they do, and I, personally, like them a lot, but they really must work on giving their songs an aural identity to become a better band (which there is no doubt that they can become). That aside, they are a solid band, and a pleasure to listen to for the discerning metal listener.

— Shashwati Kala

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Performances by ScreamHard: