Sexy Hammer

u70085.jpgLive Review from Underground 70:

Sexy Hammer is a rap metal band with four members, Sexy Kin on vocal, Sexy Four on guitar, Sexy Chiu on bass, and Sexy Wah on drums. They said vocals and drums are new members which explains their recent hiatus. I must say I didn’t quite notice the hiatus because I’ve never been a big fan of rap metal, so please excuse my lack of viewpoint on them. Having said that, they do have a tight and complete sound, minimal for this kind of music but strong. The high energy drew a big crowd in front of the stage. They are very aggressive in what they want to say, and that would include silly matters and the green issues. I wish their guitar was more punchy, though, to make the metal element really carry.
Bun Ng


Live Review from Underground 26:
Sexy Hammer prepare to take the stage. But, there’s a problem. The bassist is lost somewhere in Wanchai, but on his way. It’s well worth the wait as they are a revelation tonight. Some martial melodies and metal guitar solos recall live Judas Priest while there’s also some early Sabbath-inspired wah wah pedal action. They segue from song to song quite well. The bassist speed-raps like Linkin Park or the Beastie Boys. They’re not bad at 70’s-style UK punk either. The later tunes have an anthemic quality, reminiscent of Sham 69 or the Undertones thrash melody (thrashody?). The final tune could be their big “hit single” and sorta reminds me of what little I’ve heard of local ex-rockers Beyond.
Nick Lovatt

“Thank you so much!~We’re so happy to play this show! The stage was great~ We hope we can play again and again~haha!

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