Shirley Choi

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1. Happy Diamond
2. Happiness
3. Hold On to Your Dreams
4. Silent Tears
5. Untitled Song
6. Forever Promise
7. Telephone – Lady Gaga (cover)
8. Spanish Circle

Shirley Choi was a fine opener for this early Monday evening event. Kicking off with Happy Diamond which is a solo instrumental piece played on piano adapted from an orchestral score that Shirley had written and performed with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in 2011. Along the same theme of happiness, Shirley’s second song is an approachable piece with many recognizable pop elements and the type of refrains that would lend itself as a TV show theme song. This song, dedicated to her spouse, has shades of ragtime jazz elements restrung into a pleasing piece that has the feeling of a lady’s voice reaching out to you from a 1930s live stage.
Shirley has a gift for musical imagery and just enough variety for a pleasant listen. The songwriting is proper with catchy and pop driven melodies, which will always have a place in someone’s collection. Perhaps she will get picked up as a Disney songwriter someday.
For the last few songs, Shirley had an accompanying guitarist, who could have used a bit more rehearsal as the occasional bum notes were somewhat of a distraction. Shirley plays pretty music and her description of each song paints a visual to imagine as you listen to her music.
– Christopher Johnson

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Performances by Shirley Choi: