Slept in Spray


Live Review from Underground 42:

started out very slow, ambient, and spacey, slowly building up speed, as an accelerating spacecraft does. are we all alone? only deep in our music-inspired imaginations. a bit metroid-esque, i would only be moderately surprised to see samus make an appearance. so far it’s been a very trippy journey through otherworldly melodic noise. being instrumental, it’s a nice alternative to others’ typically mediocre vocals. throughout hard and soft phases, they always evoke a sense of exploratory wonder, like a kid first seeing disneyland for the first time, but in a spacey sense. the really slow parts are like a wordless really cool bedtime story. if you’re in the right mindset, it’s totally easy to get lost among the planets in this vacuous sea of wonderfully weird sound. my only complaint is that the fabulous journey was a bit short, i would have enjoyed them for hours.

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Performances by Slept in Spray: