IMG_0054.JPG Live review from The Underground “Back to its Roots” Festival Part 2:

1. Tidal Wave
2. Yi Yang
3. Tears In Your Hands
4. So Alive
5. Blue
6. Sut Wun
7. Raindrops
8. Season Of Wind

Soler 對於香港人來說不是陌生的名字,他們就是由那兩個來自澳門的孖生弟兄組成的那個樂團。05年左右在香港出道,帥氣的兩兄弟曾用搖滾歌曲如《失魂》《海嘯》在香港刮起小旋風。但之後好像因為唱片公司的關係,無以為繼,實在可惜。

今天在Underground: Back To Roots Festival演出的他們帥氣不減,亦多了一份滄桑。 第一首歌曲《Tidal Wave》充滿濃濃的西部風情,是我未曾想像Soler的風格。第二首是近年新曲《不同》。普通話的歌曲演繹時沒有英文歌的自如,但輕快的節奏亦令觀眾受落。之後的《Tears In Yours Hands 》曲風的迷幻又有美式公路搖滾味道,非常配合雙子成熟滄桑的面龐。之後的《So Alive》和《Blue》都是流行曲作品。老實說,對Soler的歌曲不算太熟識。當我和友人在想他們會否玩一些較出名的歌曲時,他們就唱起了《失魂》的前奏。上次聽這首歌時應該還是中二左右的時間,一時聽起,實在令人懷念。興奮過後,《Raindrops》是一首慢版的Ballad,很容易就上口可以和他們一起唱到結尾。可惜最完場曲翻唱小鳳姐的《風的季節》時就出了點亂子,Dino忘掉了部份歌詞,失去了一個和觀眾大合唱的機會。最後,Chris B為他們定了2016年的計劃就是:多創作新曲。希望Soler亦可時在這個樂隊風氣遠比十年前好的時間,再次在地下和主流樂壇發展。
– Dicky Kwong

If the Back to its Roots Festival was about The Underground celebrating the acts that have made its events great over the years, and holding a door open to emerging talent, HK-Macau trio Soler’s set was a grand homecoming by a formidable local act. Let’s put it this way: they’re one of the few acts on the bill with their own Wikipedia page.

In an evening of adolescent themes, this was grown-up rock and roll with a country/blues sway, executed with precision and warmth. Bilingual lyrics dipped from the poetic pools of both English and Mandarin, performed in atmospheric harmony by brothers Dino and Julio Acconci.

The whistling intro of Life Is Beautiful was perfectly complemented by kaleidoscopic background visuals, before Blue’s compressed strumming blossomed into a beefy, sun-dried riff and harmonised vocals. A gorgeous reverb-laden blues solo accompanied the simple motif, “When it’s blue, it’s blue, it’s blue.”

It’s a tight set with professional feel, but certainly not one without soul. “This one’s for all of you,” says Dino, introducing Raindrops. “With your pretty smiles. Yes we see you too.” As if by magic, the background visuals transition to a glimmering galaxy of stars and crowd are held enraptured by a slow, sentimental, lovelorn ballad.

For the eighth and final song, there is a special dedication. “Chris B is a lone rider galloping along in a desert. What she didn’t realise is that there’d be a whole army riding behind her … an army of musicians.” It was the weekend’s best Chris B tribute – of which there were many. Season of Wind is a steady Western canter held at the reins by tight guitar played sul ponticello for extra lasso-whirling effect.
Goals: write new songs.
– El Jay


Live Review from Underground 82:

Cue the girls, cause next up were ‘Soler’. I gotta say with all the hype, I expected much more of a turn out, not to say that it was an empty club, but for some reason I was expecting wall to wall to be filled with bodies. No doubt our lovely ‘Molave Typhoon’ had something to do with this. When ‘Soler’ finally took to the stage though, there were enough bodies on the dance floor to ensure it was going to be a good time. It was my first time seeing these guys so I was pretty interested to see what all the fuss was about. I’ve also never seen Canto-Pop music performed before so it was a first for many things. ‘Soler’ were pretty much everything I expected. Calculated songs guaranteeing a feeling of good times, catchy hooks getting everyone jumping and the usual frills that come with this sort of music. One thing that I wasn’t expecting though, was the guitar playing of brother Dino Acconci. I always just thought it was a marketing kinda thing, akin to the ‘JoBros’ and ‘Busted’. He actually plays and plays well. I enjoyed the rare occasions when he busted out a little solo. Another thing that the bro’s do well, is sing in a variety of languages, again always impressive. Lots of energy in this set, and you couldn’t help but notice the smiles on peoples faces during the exodus of people after their gig. This of course was also expected!
Tim – Hong Kong Independent Music Blog

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