Space Edge

U98_001.JPGLive Review from Underground 98:
Space Edge started the night off for us with a funky riff that got the crowd going. And then the vocals kicked in; and I must say, that is one of the things from this band that really stood out to me. The lead singer’s voice reminded me of Elvis Presley’s, but with a more modern and heavier twist to it. It had a distinct tone to it and he had a unique vibrato. I also noticed that their drummer was a girl, which is very rare nowadays so more power to you!

Their style of music was very old school 90’s pop and you can’t help but bounce to it. It’s music that would play on a summer road trip with all your best buds. On their third song, there was a tiny ‘oops’ moment when the lead singer (who also plays the guitar) found himself with an unplugged guitar! With this show being their first, they handled this particularly well as they kept on singing and moved on. They seemed a tad bit nervous during their set, but that’s almost expected when it’s your first show ever. They gave the crowd a good show and with more experience and doing more shows together, I’m sure they’ll have many great shows ahead of them.
Kyra Santiago

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Performances by Space Edge: