Summer Junkiez

Global Battle of the Bands Hong Kong 2010 Finalists

Live review from GBOB HK Final 2010

GBOB_HK_final_097.jpgThe show moved smoothly into the laidback, mildly funky realm of the Summer Junkiez’ sonic terrain. Singer, Anthony, sounded a lot better that night than at the heat, and their sound really took a quantum leap because of it. Their song choice that night highlighted the pleasant affectations that guitarist Jamez’ style has, and the micro riffs that were scattered through the songs made them layered, and really interesting to listen to. Their sound was fresh and energising without being blatant, and I think their charm worked on the rest of the audience as well, who seemed to be just as grooved.

— Shashwati

fiveyearanniversary003.JPG Live Review from 5th Year Anniversary Party:

Inoffensive indie-pop from a straight-ahead four-piece from Lantau Island.Great singer with a voice tailor made for the slightly dissatisfied themes of his lyrics. Nice and tall, too, given the low stage at California. The band took a while to get warmed up, and it wasn’t until well into the set that they started to get into the sultans-of-swing of things.As a new-ish band the Junkiez are a little rough around the edges. The fourth song had an interesting ska vibe, yet it fell to the vocals to provide a rhythm that the rhythm section struggled to match. The final song was by far the best, suiting the strengths of all four band-members’ strengths, and gained them a warm reception from the festive crowd.The sound of Lantau is more summer than junkie. And perhaps a little more hastily thrown-up Tung Chung than authentic Mui Wo. But miles better than Discovery Bay.Paul M

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