Susan Convention


Live Review from Underground 31:
Mmm these boys seem cool….nice hair, nice clothes…and those guitars look well expensive! THE SUSAN CONVENTION came to town and brought with them lots of friends (fans?) which certainly created a buzz. My mate said they were a great mixture of raw attitude and gritty rock. Shitty rock more like. Sorry, but when I go to the Underground I expect to hear original music, not 6 cover versions, no matter how well played. Chris B said they had promised to play originals. SUSAN!!!! You are naughty. The pity is that this band has the potential to be awesome, if they could be bothered to write some songs. Until they do that, I don’t think somehow they will be appearing at the U again. Good name though.
William Sickey

As soon as I stepped into the club and heard them playing, I immediately felt unshaven. they are a great mix of raw attitude, confidence, and gritty rock. Thoroughly enjoyable, they are an excellent specimen of pop-rock. they’re not exactly original, but their mohawked style oozes from the lead guitar. Even the slower songs keep your interest, as they’re very well performed.
Wally Amos

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Performances by Susan Convention: