Synthetic (In)Semination


Live Review from Underground 44:
This is the sort of band you can take mushrooms to! [Editor – please, no drug references] Drum machine with melodic funky grooves, the female vocalist alternating between playing bass and keyboards. Guitarist with effected vocals. Reminiscent of Morcheeba. With songs halfway between industrial and punk – thnk Bangles influenced by Nirvana. A very good band. Mark Emerson

Synthetic Insemination: 他們運用了很多電子器材去幫助他們建立歌曲的感覺,而效果亦不俗。不過最令我大惑不解的是,既然有電子器材去播放鼓擊部份,而他們鼓手打的又是和電子器材播放的一樣,那他們為什麼還需要一個鼓手呢?另外女主音唱歌時似乎有點太用力。
Dan Lai

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Performances by Synthetic (In)Semination: