IMG_6352.JPGLive Review fromUnderground Electronica #2:

(Continuous Set)

Once again began a night that featured a kind of music about which I am part of the patent un-cognoscenti. Still, I have ears and can type, so let me begin with my disclaimer – I don’t really know much about electronic music, and a huge part of that is because I just don’t “get” it (if you know what I mean). Plus most of these artistes play continuous sets, so there’s almost no way for me to place a musical event within it adequately using text. So, these reviews will flow as an amassment of the most insightful comments I can muster at any point. (On the other hand, you won’t have to deal with my constant references to relatively unknown bands, so that’s positive 😀 )

TADJGRUV introduced himself as being influenced by funk, and trance and ‘everything’ among others. And indeed, his set was of a quite urban cosmopolitan mindset – an amalgamation of multiple different, but related, styles. At its best the music was intriguing, even compelling, as he deftly moved between from funky to pop-funky to breakbeat-esque to hip-hop– an interesting, historically accurate and musically astute, progression. The beginning of the set was one to remember: the beat, a very simple melody and the bass slowly melded together, the contrast between the chromatic, twangy notes and the resistant bass rising with the volume. The bass was almost wrong at points, because it wasn’t really playing the root note, but in a really cool, non-aggravating way (this approach usually grates on my ears). The styles then progressed into what sounded like my idea of the Beastie Boys, then into more Euro synthpop territory, and then much more industrial and sparse. Whatever particular style his music channelled, TADJGRUV does seem to have the ability to effectively blend sounds that would, initially, seem antagonistic, and make them sound interesting. He ended with an almost cyberpunk Devo-like piece, which was a great way to end on an energetic notes (if undesirably abrupt). As I understand it, people who’re better informed also thought that his variety and the quality of the music was good, so I guess his talent is undeniable. A very enjoyable set indeed.

— Shashwati Kala

看到Underground Electronica #2第一位演出者TADJGRUV的介紹是“Rhythms found in all things music”時也不太了解,但欣賞過他的演出後便明白多一點。TADJGRUV的電子音樂以很多豐有強烈節奏的電子樂器聲所組成,一開始時以鼓聲襯托,再逐步加入不同樂器的音樂,如以電子琴奏出旋律,再加有富有宗教意味的鐘聲,令音樂更富層次感。在不斷重複的音樂節奏中加入不同的元素,亦有一種簡約主義的味道。最精彩的部分是TADJGRUV演奏像以前看錄影帶時那fast forward的聲音,營造出一種不由自主的感覺,彷彿是說著時光的飛逝及生活的無奈。

— Eva Leung

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