Take Bad with the Good


Live Review from Underground 49:
Take Bad with the Good (there’s only one ‘the’) kicked off Underground 49 to a crowd in numbers that aren’t usually present until at least the third band. An energetic start featured scrunched-up faces and jerky rhythms against solid drums, all of which went down well. The opening number changed gear a couple of times, while singer Larn maintained focus with a frankly passionate delivery incorporating everything from sky-punches to own-body hugs.
While 150 percent energy is always welcome, TBWTG’s ambitious arrangements are let down by their musicianship. Larn, for all his attitude, was probably most to blame, missing too many top notes. The two-guitars-bass-and-drums combination struck the right chord, but although each of the individual musicians seemed to know what they’re doing, the whole band was kind of loose, and not in a good way.
TBWTG’s strengths were revealed in the simpler moments. Song two began straightforward and compelling, with a driving rhythm and an excellent squeaky, squeeling guitar solo. Trying a little less hard helped the vocal too.
But this was just the beginning. Unless the rest of the audience and I missed a very quick transition, this turned out to be their final song, and a very long one it was too. About as many words as this review, and possibly even less coherent (I’ve since been told that this was actually three songs). I began to lose the plot around the fifteenth change in tempo, but just in time the song finally came together for an intense crescendo.
Paul M.

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