The Corners

U95_019.JPG Live review from Underground 95:


1. I Can’t See
2. Defeated
3. Goodbye Note
4. On Again
5. Experimental Feelings
6. Hopeless (The Wrens cover)
7. Fire

Underground second-timers, The Corners, began the night with I Can’t See, featuring some ska-influenced chords and interesting backing vocal arrangements to parallel the lead vocals. Immediately, one was reminded of the clean and meandering sound employed by (the late) Robert Quine, mixed with the popping drums in the vein of Marc Bell, in the Voidoids. Singer Jehan’s voice being the very archetype of the post-grunge era, served well to complement the clean and slightly delayed guitar sound employed by Clement. Defeated exhibited even more of a ska influence, with a moody build-up to the chorus’ call-response flourish, also featuring an impressive falsetto bit, and some nice monster-bass lines. The slightly slowed down Goodbye Note was of a dramatic mood, with a sudden 180° change of mood in the chorus to a deep Noughties’ one; this change of gears was employed several times during the song, topped up with an almost Eddie Van Halen-esque solo.
On Again was introduced as a new song, with a highly conversational tone to the lyrics (which seem to be the kind most suited for Jehan’s voice) and dredging guitars, akin to Blur, followed by the sparkling guitar fills of Experimental Feelings, which also had the bass nearly overtake the melodic duties. It was pointed out by Jehan that all their songs that night were of a somewhat ‘low’ mood; in keeping with that claim, their cover of the Wrens’ Hopeless was suitably despondent, in particular highlighting Clement’s ability to switch seamlessly from rhythm to lead. The most intense beginning and most percussive drumwork started off Fire, a heavy bass-driven number having a rather drastic change of pace and mood mid-song, and a catchy call-response style chorus. As it turned out, drummer John dropped a stick during this song; an unobvious foible, as they ended their set on a moody high.


u81045.JPG Live Review from Underground 81:

The second band The Corners attracted a big crowd of audience when the four big boys went on stage. They started off with a mid-tempo, a somewhat Britpop piece of music, which helped cooling down my raging blood after listening to 滾友’s heavy metal set. Clement’s crystal-clear guitar lead tone always caught my ears’ attention and it kept ringing in my head song after song. For more than one time, they reminded me of my favorite British band, The Verve. They gradually put more and more energy into their music. To the end of their set, they are definitely more ROCK than pop.

Click here to see them playing their original song: ‘Fire’ at Underground 81!


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