The Darlings


Live Review from Underground 44:
instantly recognizable as a pop-rock band, they can be enjoyed by any fan of live performances. not particularly distinctive but full of all-around noisy goodness. they have just a touch of attitude. they seem to be trying to reach something, but not quite sure what. it’s certainly a nice, if somewhat rockingly ambiguous ride, though. some bits of uncertainty prevent me from fully mentally merging with their message though. a cross between them and “collective soul” would be fantastic. a few of their later songs showed pretty strong confidence, i’d love to hear more of that boldness.

The Darlings: 九十年代時看九十年代的Bass手,會覺得沒有什麼大不了,但在二十世紀再看九十年代出身的Bass手,會覺得現在已經沒有什麼人有這種技巧了。其實不單Bass手,樂隊三人演奏出來的聲音都是具有音質,而又非常整齊,給人一種成熟的感覺,沒有一定的演出經驗也不能做到這個效果。當晚Keyboard手缺席,但在這樣的情況下也不會太過不夠Full,只是在結他Solo時會有那種「突然進入Solo」的感覺,不夠順暢。
Dan Lai

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Performances by The Darlings: