The Dorques (Philippines)

u67056.JPGLive Review from Underground 67:

All the way from the Philippines, there is no reason I shouldn’t go see them for more than once. One may find it unfair to have me reviewing them as I’ve seen them thrice, meaning the whole HK tour, by the time I’m writing this. I’ll talk about them music-wise (Calvin would be disappointed for not being able to read about Nina the keyboardist). Continuing the “good weather with plenty of sunshine” style of Wondergarl despite the gloomy weather in the week, the Dorques had a big number of people crowding up way before they arrived – it was worth a wait when you are curious about a Filipino band singing in French or Japanese. With dancing beats, catchy guitar riffs, walking basslines and easy-listening melodies perfecting the lineup, the songs were all good sing-alongs, at least I could catch up the French lines “Je suis desolee”. “Supercool” is my favourite: when Joffy sang the word “supercool” repeatedly like “parkour, parkour”, which means “free-running” in French, it made me wonder if their inspirations are as free as that. I believe I don’t have to question this. Applause was non-stoppable, especially when Nina spoke Japanese in the monologue in “Murasaki Blues” (she explained to me she learnt it from Japanese animes like Sailor Moon), and the audience shouted for an encore. Do you remember when we have ever heard of people asking for encores in Underground gigs? If I’m not wrong, these honoured guests made the franchise. To me, it’s not a good practice to associate bands with another, but I would recommend the following band for further listening: The Little Ones from the US.
Erik Piece

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