The Funkaphones

Live Review from Funk Ska Nation:

1. Before You Woke Up
2. Half Asleep
3. Another Christmas
4. Thief
5. Wrong (Charlie’s Song)
6. The New Millennial
7. Summer Vibes
8. She’s Such a Pain

Middle child of the evening, The Funkaphones impressed with their fizzy funk-pop anthems and infectiously warm personalities.

Face masks posed no threat to the quartet, bright smiles reaching their eyes and palpable in their music as they kicked off the set with Before You Woke Up. A catchy, toe-tappable tune, it made for the perfect introduction to The Funkaphones’ unique energy and sound. Think 90s alt rock with a smattering of soulful funk flair- and keyboards galore.

Strong vocals from the lead singer-keyboardist in Half Asleep and Another Christmas truly made an impression, the richness and rasp of his higher register falling somewhere between classic rock and contemporary emo (Remington Leith of Palaye Royale comes to mind). It’s a specific tone which refines the sound of the band as a whole, elevating them from fun and funky to something with prominence, flair, and intention. Pushing the boundaries of genres is always compelling when done properly, and these guys blew right past them!

Thief wound down with an almost lullaby feel to it before resurfacing with Wrong (Charlie’s Song), hyping the energy up in time for a rousing audience singalong in the effervescent The New Millennial.

Closing out the show with She’s Such a Pain, the boys truly let loose. Working against a rapidly approaching closing time of midnight, strictly enforced as part of social distancing laws, The Funkaphones made the most of their stage time. Bassist Sebastian, the newest member of the lineup, shone especially bright as the frenetic cacophony of sound made way for an equally dynamic dancefloor. With the singer’s too-big mask ending up covering his entire face, The Funkaphones are the perfect blend of technical prowess and genuine fun; they never take themselves or their space too seriously, and the result is a jam-packed show which is a joy to watch, listen, and groove to.
– Jasmine Gould-Wilson

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