The Honeys (Shanghai)


Live Review from Underground 60:
Worth the wait. They created an amazing atmosphere with their multi-layered sounds. The drum and bassist are so solid and the whole band is incredibly tight. With the delay guitar effect, the guitarist created a very important layer to make the songs more beautiful and enhancing the feel. The two guest performers together with The Honeys made the style of their songs more unique and possibly even more cultural by adding traditional Chinese sounds which helped to differentiate the band from bands with similar style such as, say Crowded House. The vocalist oozes personality and a sexy air about him. The whole band seemed to be enjoying themselves and its great to see a drummer who so delights in performing with his band. They are real pros, The Honeys, the instruments are perfectly balanced and despite not knowing their songs my friends and I really grooved with this band. Too bad they couldnt play even one encore.
Kennie Triad

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Performances by The Honeys (Shanghai):