The Medullary Paralysis (Italy)

Live review from The Medullary Paralysis Live in Hong Kong 2012:

IMG_6293wtmk.jpgI must confess, my first concern was, “glad this is not an outdoor Hong Kong summer show”. Latex is it. Not just it. The Medullary Paralysis took the stage each in glamorous purple latex dress/shirt/pants, and goth-style make-up. Apology I didn’t ask them what they think of this. No sweat. If, after a show, they didn’t notice they have sweated, it may not have been such an energetic show anyways.

The Medullary Paralysis is an electro-industrial band from Italy, and, if you may only have read about this show the first time, then, yes, this is even their second time in Hong Kong. According to their web site, they were to release an album, but have postponed it till after the China tour, this show being the last (makes perfect sense). Singer Alessandro has a voice that pierce through the house P.A. over their well-balanced sound. I stood on the opposite side of the stage to keyboardist Ada, but was constantly watching the swinging bass player Valentino. Oh, yes, in their specific gothic industrial electro sound, the band was quite honest about what they listen to, and, could even have been quoting their influences (you better read their band info to find out who their influences are). They are a three-piece with programmed drums (the pictures should be obvious). I don’t know if we have to praise an international band so, but indeed they capture the more complicated songs so well, and I was thinking to myself, this is approaching the complication I hear with Muse. Often, watching an band up-close, I love it that the “haven’t made top-10” bands are also glad to share the stage with some of our local favorite bands. Still the cleanness in their music, clearly remind me that The Medullary Paralysis is more about “We Don’t Drink, We Don’t Take Drugs, We Don’t Have Sex, We Feel Compassion”, which, in all sincerity, was their first EP released a couple of years ago. The set was mostly songs with the industrial driving energy (sounds so unmusical!) but is interlaced with the more ambient tune in the middle.

The crowd loved it, even though they started a little bit late (a longer sound-check I reckoned), and then the band rewarded the crowd with a longer first encore and a second encore. Too bad, no albums for sales, what a missed opportunity.

— Bun Ng

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