The Origin

Live review from 20th Anniversary Festival Day 2 星期六

talk something

It’s confronting for a band to open their set to a handful of punters; joyous to watch the room begin to fill up during their opening song, with more and more people nodding to the beat and digging the sound.

It’s world record store day and in the foyer a stall is selling a limited edition vinyl of Air Supply live in Hong Kong. There’s one or two parallels in the sound: plaintive melodies and harmonies that belie a subtle power that builds and builds, with vocals shared across the three frontmen of Origin – two acoustic guitars, one electric six string bass.

Talk Something’ opens with a solid kick drum-driven rhythm into a late night vibe and ascends into an instrumental break designed for rainy streets and emotional breakup montages.

The sound mix is perfect, matching the powerful dynamic range of a band who can build from soft intimate vocals up to powerful rock ballad moments.
They finish with their song ‘Rain’ and it’s a more urgent affair, again with a driving rhythm and catchy chorus, showcasing some great harmony-laden folk pop.
– Jarrod Watt

Live review from Summer Festival 夏日大派對 2023:

Because I love u

The Origin, a 4-piece band established in 2019, graced the stage at the Summer Festival, featuring a fresh rhythm section with a new bass player and drummer.

With their prolific songwriting skills, The Origin had already amassed enough material for a debut album released earlier in the year, and they delighted the audience with a predominantly Cantonese set. Despite the addition of newer members, the band exhibited a tight performance. Their clever use of two guitars allowed them to lay down some highly effective riffs, adding a unique musical dimension to their set.

Overall, The Origin delivered a solid performance, leaving me eager to catch more of their future shows and creations. Their original folk music in Cantonese, infused with a distinctive folk-pop-rock style, creates a soothing listening experience, enriched by their seamless male vocals.

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