The Origin

Live review from Summer Festival 夏日大派對 2023:

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The Origin, a 4-piece band established in 2019, graced the stage at the Summer Festival, featuring a fresh rhythm section with a new bass player and drummer.

With their prolific songwriting skills, The Origin had already amassed enough material for a debut album released earlier in the year, and they delighted the audience with a predominantly Cantonese set. Despite the addition of newer members, the band exhibited a tight performance. Their clever use of two guitars allowed them to lay down some highly effective riffs, adding a unique musical dimension to their set.

Overall, The Origin delivered a solid performance, leaving me eager to catch more of their future shows and creations. Their original folk music in Cantonese, infused with a distinctive folk-pop-rock style, creates a soothing listening experience, enriched by their seamless male vocals.

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Performances by The Origin: