The Pliable


Live Review from Underground 25:
There’s about 80 punters in the crowd as The Pliable take the stage, and another video crew is present, filming a short documentary. ATV don’t seem so interested anymore. Wonder, which rock-doc will burst first into the public arena? The Pliable’s opening songs are sorta mid-80’s Bowie meets Franz Ferdinand choppy chunka chunka bass/drum rhythms. Hints of Ennio Morricone (“Good, Bad, Ugly” s/t) in there among the echoing guitars. They sing with more verve than MSP and surprise me with a drastic mid-set change of pace. The 2nd guitarist goes for a pee and the other three promptly turn into The Who (well, except for kicking over the drums, breaking the screen, microphone twirling and fisticuffs). Black Sabbath power-chords aplenty, some reverberatory guitar like Terry Bickers from The House of Love and the loud/soft/loud dynamic of classic grunge. The drummer rocks. Two ladies, Linda and Solange, who are sitting with me,are loving it enough to earn themselves a mention in the story.
Nick Lovatt

“We are very enjoy the show and feel professional sound equipment on that day. hope we can play again!”.

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