The Racket


Live Review from Underground 42:

halfway between rock and funk, the racket leaves you wondering just what they are and what their message is. just about any moderately dissatisfied agenda would fit there style. i get the feeling of mistrust and uncertainty, encapsulated in a desire to do something, but not quite sure what. it’s hard to fully appreciate them as a whole, but they’re doubtlessly trying. a little more testosterone and/or sense of purpose would take them a long way. they’re definitely good at what they do, but just what it is remains a bit of an unsolved mystery.
Much appreciated the freshness of this band and the effort they put into a stage show with band painted Tshirts and props on stage. They were having a great time on stage which made me enjoy their set. Definitely worth checking out.
Mark Emerson

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Performances by The Racket: