The Sulis Club

IMG_9751.JPGLive review from Underground 115:
1. Intro (instrumental)
2. Better without you
3. Devil inside me
4. There will be light
5. Next to you
6. Just a dream

I wonder how they’re going to play? They’ve had loads of Jäger shots.”
– anonymous Underground team member
Thus the scene was set for a fine U debut for newcomers The Sulis Club, a classically-formed four-piece rock outfit. With bassist Yoshi hailing from Japan, although outnumbered by Hongkonger bandmates Jonathan, Andy and Foon, there was a distinct aroma of J-rock in the instrumental intro and elsewhere.
In between clean-cut rocking out worthy of a proper anime band – complete with ‘fan service’ from Jonathan to his cheering devotees at the front of the room – the guys attacked some pop-punkier material spanning possible influences from Hoobastank to Rise Against. These were generally well executed, and although the rhythm section needed some tightening up they did get the crowd up and pogoing.
The Sulis Club didn’t just offer unfettered enthusiasm – of which the on-stage high-fives were my favourite example – but bright ideas, radio-friendly songs and obvious pulling power with friends for whom the novelty was still intact. They put a smile on my dial.
– Brendan Clift

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Performances by The Sulis Club: