The Underground Band

IMG_5380wtmk.jpgLive review from Underground 100:

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1. Queen of Diamond Hill (22Cats cover)
2. She’s the One (David Bowie Knives cover)
3. Sex Museum (The Sleeves cover)
4. (Use it For) What it’s For (Helter Skelter cover)

There was a surprise band earlier on in the night that I want to draw attention to.

Yanyan, Angus, Vivek and Calvin, are all familiar faces at gigs in Hong Kong and not just under the Underground flag. They got together to form a band that would play one song from each of the released Underground compilations, of which there are 4 and it goes without saying that you should definitely own all of them.

I’m told they only practiced 3 times, which is pretty impressive because they sounded great. What was awesome was that they had guest vocalists who were also members of the Underground crew. Cliff the bouncer who insulted my football team sang a David Bowie Knives song. Possibly the greatest highlight of the night. Marketing dude Keenan, I believe his name was, sang a good cover of a Helter Skelter song and we can’t forget that Chris B sang her sexy rendition of Sex Museum by The Sleeves! Brilliant stuff.

I was secretly hoping that when it came to the CD4 selection, Shaun (aka Mr Chris B), who was standing side stage when all this was happening , would get up and sing 852 by Shotgun Politics. Alas it was not to be. Next time?!

— Timmy Gunn (Shotgun Politics)

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Performances by The Underground Band: