Live Review from Underground 41:
Despite the fact that Ephraim (guitarist) was on crutches, this band gallantly took the stage for a set of thumping, energetic and loud songs. Ben (on vocals & guitar) screams, shouts and sings his way through the songs that is so captivating. Suhail (drummer) is absolutely fantastic with a unique drumming style that so makes the sound of TheLoveSong. Nic absolutely cements the tightness of this band with his bass riffs. The audience were slinging suggestions such as “they remind me of Fugazi” yet I think they have a clearly defined style and melody of their own. Hong Kong, you must be very proud to be home to TheLoveSong – certainly one of it’s best bands, musically and lyrically.
Mark Emerson


Live Review from Underground 28:
Singer-songwriter Ben Tse and his band the Lovesong have great presence, energy, intensity and some top tunes. Their set at U28 would have been very difficult to criticise had they not taken seemingly forever to set up and get ready to play. Even by the time Underground MC Yan introduced them, the boys still were not quite ready, leaving us in the impatient crowd to wait several more agonising minutes. But it was well worth the wait. The songs are loud, catchy and technically audacious at times, but the band pulled it off like a well-oiled machine. Playing with such intensity, it was no surprise each member was soon drenched in sweat. Fantastic indy-rock. Be sure to buy yourself their new CD at their next show.
Brendan Delfino

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Performances by TheLoveSong: