Live Review from Underground 55:

Topao is a nine member, or should I say piece, jazz fusion band. That’s two saxophones, two trumpets, one trombone, three guitars and a drum set all on stage. As you can imagine they can create some pretty big sound and do sound like a big marching band during one of their songs. At other times they’re more jazz, have slower numbers and songs fusing their instruments together in a mixture of slower to more upbeat songs. I call them songs but there’s no actually singing. The lead member plays guitar, introduces the songs and band members and even does extra duty conducting the band off stage during one song. They play original numbers as well as a few covers. They’re pretty accomplished individual players but I still think they’re working on their sound. They’re most of the way there though and already have a distinctive sound. Just a bit more tweaking lads and it’ll all come together! That’s no mean feat given the number of different instruments they’ve got.
Chris in Hong Kong at Underground 55

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Performances by Topao: