Van de Kamp (Canada 加拿大)

IMG_0805.JPG Live review from Underground 115:
1. Sublime
2. Ton Contrōle
3. Aucun Regret
4. L’envie
5. Japan
6. Decibels
7. Miow Benard
8. La Bas
9. Rockaway / Sheena is a Punk Rocker
10. Hey Ho
11. Revolution
12. Le Feu

Van De Kamp need little introduction, and anyway, words aren’t much substitute for witnessing the maelstrom in real life. The Québécois have brought their brand of “explosive French alternative rock” to Hong Kong before, and they returned to close out the Underground as they trampled yet another trail of destruction through Asia.
VDK presents an unusual combination of apparent lunacy and obsessive commitment. No band that wears matching t-shirts and plays to a backing track with such precision can be said to be out of control. The fervour is strictly channeled into their instruments and as much of the stage as each member can physically lay claim to, with the exception of the front man who launched regular sorties onto the dance floor and made the whole room his stage.
The punk and post-punk aesthetic extended beyond the hairstyles and into the music. Comparisons to The Ramones and Babyshambles did the rounds, as well as a light seasoning of Pulp. It also extended to the show. Not content to have the most pugnacious fans of the night, VDK threw themselves at the task 100%, ensuring nothing was left on the field the night before they flew back home.
If you missed them, don’t worry, they’ll be back. These guys are never going to stop.
– Brendan Clift

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Performances by Van de Kamp (Canada 加拿大):