Live review from Underground Jäger Show:

1. 鳥籠 (Cage)
2. 緣起.緣滅 (End & Begin)
3. 悸動 (Palpitation)
4. 燎原 (Blaze)

從Verorigin成員的粉紅色頭髮、黑色紳士帽、長靴,大概會猜他們是走Visual rock/metal的路線吧!其實,Verorigin揉合了metal及alternative rock風格,vocal不時利用震音、高音、delay、哭腔等技巧,亦是全場唯一以中文入詞的樂隊。首曲《籠中鳥》即以渾厚的bass及密集、distort的結他音色,營造摧毀性的金屬氛圍。《悸動》前的心跳特效,加上後段的崩壞感樂曲編制,亦見心思。特別深刻的還有《燎原》,keyboard彈奏出悲傷的曲調,鼓點及結他慢慢提昇至歌曲高潮後,突然靜止只剩傷感的琴聲,充滿戲劇性。作為樂隊第三次演出,演奏尚算穩定,但鼓及keyboard可多嘗試不同變化,豐富歌曲內容
– Lily Sung

Vocals: Raymond NG (HotBlood)
Guitar: Royce LAU
Bass: Raycus LAI
Drums: Rex CHIN
Keyboards: Heiman SUI (Miharu)

VERORIGIN was founded by Royce LAU and Raycus LAI in November 2014. They played their first show in March 2015, and with this Underground Jager show is only their third live performance.

VERORIGIN played a short but powerful four song mini set. The first two songs Cage, and End & Begin, were very similar in composition, arrangement and style. Since they are newly formed, I was happy to see this as they have started to lay the ground work for the feel and style of the band.

Overall musicianship was better than average, with a very strong guitar presence. So much so that it would not be a stretch to characterize them as "guitar driven". Their sound overall leans towards a harder rock side, mix in with some J-Pop hooks, and the very common classic Canto-Pop verse sections.

Their stage performance was filled with energy and passion. There is a good balance of stage dynamics struck between the very focused, intense style of Royce, verses and the higher energy style of Raymond.

For their third song Palpitation, they took some chances, and with the song moving into a more dark, melodic feel. Nice composition, and melody line with some added drama and dynamics, made this my favorite song in their set.

The last song Blaze, as their closing number, reverted back to a similar hard rock Canto-Pop style as their first two numbers. Again, I was very happy to see that the composition, arrangement and overall feel we consistent with the first two numbers, exhibiting that they are in the beginning stages of developing their own style and sound. This bodes well for their future and this is something that many bands struggle with for years, and it seems that it has come quite naturally to them.

Overall I enjoyed VERORIGIN’S mini set. As this is really the very beginning for you guys, I would highly recommend you guys to get into the studio, and spend as much time as possible working on the song dynamics, execution, and become very very tight. Trust me guys, the hard work will really pay off in the end making you guys better players and a better band overall.
– Gregory Tancer

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