final112.JPGLive review from Heavy 11

1. Into My Core
2. Break the Present
3. Life is Crime
4. Day by Day
5. Change of Human
The last band of the night were a more out-and-out metalcore band, with strong leanings towards bands of the early Noughties like Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit; the poppy lollipop-metal style with distorted guitars that have smooth contours in general, and a similarly smooth-contoured rhythm section. Now, while I do not personally like this sound, many people do, and I can appreciate why; it’s easily engaging, fast and easy to headbang to, and that’s pretty much all many people want from a song.
However, Vnighters share another aspect with the Noughties metalcore bands which I think is quite bad; their singers have weak voices. Now, Vnighters singer isn’t as weak as someone like Chester Bennington, but his voice isn’t strong. The trouble is that they have hints of death metal in their song composition, and that demands a strong and technically skilled singer; hence, their current singer ends up sounding weak since the songs aren’t suited to his voice. He’s pretty good, again, at the screaming parts; Life is Crime was a particularly good one, sounding rather a lot like Judas Priest in their Screaming for Vengeance phase. However, this only served to emphasise the point that these sorts of songs need a singer with a strong and commanding voice like Rob Halford’s, and unfortunately the Vnighters’ singer at the moment does not measure up.
Day by Day was reminiscent of Metallica’s Wherever I May Roam, and they closed on an almost poppy song, with parts of Change of Human almost sounding like they were part of a Franz Ferdinand song, before moving on to a more typical breakdown. The band might also want to work on differentiating their sound, since at the moment all their songs sound like half-covers of some other more famous song. In all, a good set, but they could be a much better band if they worked on making their songs more distinctive, and their singer worked on his vocal skills.
— Shashwati Kala

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