Walking On Air


Live Review from Underground 33:

On the eve of Rockit, I didn’t really know what to expect from Underground. As it turned out, it was a little underpopulated, with many of the indie crowd prefering to save themselves for the big weekend, but it was still a great way to spend a Friday evening.
First up were WALKING ON AIR, making their debut appearance at Underground, and possibly their first appearance outside the lead singer’s bedroom. They produced a set of bouncy sounding indie pop which reminded me of early Boo Radleys, Matthew Sweet, Housemartins and Lloyd Cole (which probably shows what an old fart I am). While the sound was fairly raw, which I put down to a lack of live gigging experience, the songs were melodic and well-constructed, and the vocals were nicely forward in the mix. With a bit of practice, Walking on Air could evolve into a respectable homegrown talent, and I’m already looking forward to their next gig.

“Thanks to Underground for, despite our zero-stage-experience, giving us the chance to perform and in particular to Chris B for the advice she gave on the phone. Also, thanks to the soundman for his patience and expertise.” Quote from Winston.

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Performances by Walking On Air: