Live review from Girls with Guitars #10


1. Summer Sea
2. Reality
3. With The Flow
4. Sorrowful
5. Let’s Keep Dancing Tonight

樂隊整體風格鮮明,表演似乎非常熟練熟手。Summer Sea和With the flow帶有青春、夏日和輕鬆舒適的感覺,哼奏部份旋律簡單入腦,樂隊彼此之間的配合都不錯,歌與歌之間既有分別又能帶出樂隊的特色。但聽到後半部份,表演竟然有種機械式的感覺,感受不到一絲隨性,感受不到音樂為她們帶來了甚麼喜悅。也許比起追求完美的演出,嘗試真正擁抱liveshow可使樂隊走得更遠。
– 傑仔
From the beginning of indie pop opener Summer Sea, it was clear that Whizz had something special about them. With bright guitar solos, bouncy, effervescent rhythms, the quartet proved themselves a cut above in terms of musical skill. With jaunty beats and bright melodies, the group tipped their hat musically to Hong Kong indie pop kings Phoon – and brought all of the same chemistry and stage presence.

Second song Reality had a flavour of No Doubt about it, with strong vocal hooks, while With the Flow (a song about going swimming for the first time) had jazzy overtones and was sunny and uplifting with a clap-along section. Each member was fun and interesting to watch and, together, they formed a tight and extremely well-rehearsed unit.

Until penultimate song Sorrowful, the set had been a bit “indie band by numbers”, with few moments of vulnerability beneath their glossy sheen. However, this song brought a touch of grit to an otherwise pristine performance, changing from groovy pop to a more soulful sound. With lyrics about mental health and opening up to others, the song paired lush bass melodies with shimmering guitar, building to a loud and impactful climax.

Closer Let’s Keep Dancing Tonight brought back the optimism and ensured Whizz’s set finished on a high, with rolling drums. The drummer took over singing responsibilities; her sweet vocals belied power and emotion. Whizz seemed to come out of nowhere fully formed to perform at Girls with Guitars. This certainly won’t be the last we see of them.
– El Jay

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