Wildcat (China)


Live Review from Asian Rock:
The next act hailed from Shanghai, but with the exception of the native Shanghainese guitarist, there was nothing Chinese about the band, comprising of a Japanese drummer, and Korean lead singer and bassist, accompanying Trash Box on its tour of China. The group entertained the audience with a set of pleasant, “feel good” light rock music (what they described as “J-pop”), tightly delivered. The music, on the whole, was fast tempo and rhythmic, with some nice hooks and good groove, with a couple of ballads thrown in – one of which, “Because I miss you”, was played with sincerity and definitely heartfelt (I’ve no idea what they were singing about, since I don’t speak Japanese, but I felt the lead singer’s pains). The only criticism I had with the band was that the sound seemed a little on the thin side, and as such was a little bit short of the ‘expansive’ sound that I’ve come to expect from J-pop, apart from that, good songs, well performed.

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Performances by Wildcat (China):