Wolfling (Amsterdam)


Live Review from Underground 41:

Surprising the audience with a strong Irish accent, Wolfling played an interesting solo set. Playing a Mandoloncello (a large 10 string European lute), he growled, sang, went quiet, got loud during his songs. The audience (myself included) were appreciative of his talents, many decidely holding their breaths in the quieter moments, as if waiting for the wolf to appear. Wolfling semed to be enjoying himself and hope that he will come back to The Underground again next time he visits HK.
Mark Emerson

Quote from Wolfling: Absolutely wonderful – lovely audience, great bands, good atmosphere – I had a fantastic time! Hope to play there again when I come back. Thanks for inviting me, Chris B. And thank the soundguy from me too!

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Performances by Wolfling (Amsterdam):