UCD3_B_Angus_228.jpgMessage from Zoundz about CD3 Release Party B:
Great night, awesome bands, killer sound and crazy audience!

U87-5599.JPGLive Review from Underground 87:


  1. Born Infected
  2. Eyesore
  3. Self Within Myself
  4. Beat It (MJ Cover)
  5. Disaffection

These guys are the real deal. They are heavy. They are aggressive. And most of all, they do not compromise. Just before they begin, the moment the vocalist vents, “Are you fucking ready? We’re here to bring you some heavy shit!”, there is no doubt these anger-ridden metalheads are here to bring the place down. Instead of provoking mosh pits, their brisk Nu-Metal breakdowns intend to smash you hit by hit right in the face. Each instrument – the chuggy guitars, the fat bass, the powerful drums – interlocks with each other so tightly that it liberates a broad range of sound frequencies, on which the growls and screams cling and strike your eardrums.

Beat It is indeed a quite clichéd song to cover, or shall I say a quite difficult song to render and make it not generic. However, Zoundz has turned it into one that carries their own style and sound, notably the screeching guitar effect. Man, these guys are crazy! \m/



Live Review from Underground 54:
This band has the awesome nu metal/alternative metal/rock hardcore sound you just can’t get enough of in Hong Kong. Black, aggressive – the guy even broke his own nose for this gig – Zoundz’ dark nihilistic energy spread quickly infecting the crowd like this year’s flu. Thrashing bodies, arms, heads, whatever, matched the full-on beat. (‘I hope he doesn’t hurt his nose,’ says a concerned Chris B.)

I’m not sure about the use of the word ‘zounds’, an archaic English word from perhaps Jane Austen times, give or take a few hundred years, short for ‘God’s wounds’. The band writes that the word expresses anger, surprise or indignation but given its ye olde High Middle English context, all I can imagine is Dr Watson saying, ‘Zounds! By gad, Holmes! He’s dead!’ (*snerk! giggle*)

According to the band’s poster blurb, they “are aggressive because as the world gets darker they have to Zound what they hate”. Yeah, I think the guys screaming “I hate you and hate myself” pretty much communicated that well. Brilliant and constant high-energy levels, loud drums, thumping bass, wild guitars and guttural shouting with plenty of mike distortion blasted everything in the club into atomic particles. In the vein of Slipknot, Korn, Rage Against the Machine and some Nine Inch Nails, the band’s sound seemed like all chaos unleashed but was indeed a tight mesh of great musicianship. This harrowing dose of hardcore punk, rapcore and plenty of industrial metal sounds achieved a mood in the crowd that a case of beer and Anton Chigurgh’s cattle stun gun couldn’t ever achieve. Far out. This is my idea of a Saturday night productively-spent. I’ll do it again.

Borrowing a comment I saw, which could verily (also archaic English) apply here, from some informed person (or possibly, a retard) on YouTube comparing Slipknot, Korn et al with lesser hardcore indie music, ‘This is what you call heavy metal – NOT that fucking gay emo shit.’
Isobel S. Saunders

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