Compilation CD #3


Life After Roots — Rock Beyond


Released : April 2010.





Disc 1 –

1. On the Road/Into the Wild – In Love and Pain!

2. Warning – In Love and Pain!

3. New Direction – OneLastFall

4. Pointless – OneLastFall

5. Love Hotel – Logo

6. Lights Are Out – Logo

7. Alive Again – Uranus

8. Leave Me Where You Found Me – Uranus

9. It’s All Games – Hungry Ghosts

10. Five Year Plan – Hungry Ghosts

11. Disaffection – ZoundZ

12. Eyesore – ZoundZ

Disc 2

1. Just Let it Go – Killer Soap

2. The Choice That I’ve Made – Killer Soap

3. High Tension Best Ten – Very Ape

4. Fly – Very Ape

5. Three High One Low – Amino Shower

6. My Facebook Hero – Amino Shower

7. Hey You – Good Fellas

8. Be With Me – Good Fellas

9. Totalitarian Love Song – The Sleeves

10. Sex Museum – The Sleeves

11. Strangle – Eve of Sin

12. Surrender – Eve of Sin

(Click the underlined names to read about the bands’ past performances at the Underground)

We have a unique documentation about the development of CD#3 – click here to read An Oral History of Underground CD#3: Life After Roots – Rock Beyond


Wondering how to get your own copy of Underground CD #3?

Hong Kong:

At Underground shows

From the Wanch, and HMV, and CD Warehouse stores

Room 1901,
19/F, Workingview Commercial Building,
21 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


From Mouse Records


Buy online from:





CD Launch:

The CD was launched in the form of two launch parties on the 17th and 24th of April 2010, and the featured bands’ performances were split between the two gigs.

Here are some comments about the release parties from the bands:

New fresh music and great parties — thank you for making it happen. Hong Kong is a better place because of The Underground!

William [Uranus]

It’s always great to see a packed Hong Kong bar, filled with enthusiastic music fans, rocking out to Hong Kong music.

Bee [The Sleeves]

It was an honour to be put side by side with other great bands from the same neighbourhood. It re-inspired us and reminded us that we’re somebodies, a band worth having, that organizations like Mark-1 and The Underground notice and nurture.

[Eve of Sin]


I really love the way the live organic rock sounds translate seamlessly from live performance to the compilation. Above all I think it is absolutely fantastic that another Hong Kong homemade compilation is on the street.

Luke Chow [Hungry Ghosts]

To know more, visit the pages for Launch Party A and Launch Party B

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