Far From Home by Diamond 6

Diamond 6’s single Far From Home is a bruising endeavour in rock and roll genre bending, making for a song which is equal parts heavy, melodic, and experimental.

The track opens with a rumbling guitar riff, the descending chord progression adding a touch of menace straight off the cuff. Channeling the horror punk/goth rock greats, think if Glenn Danzig and Bauhaus joined forces and kidnapped the bassist from a blues troupe.
The chorus breaks new ground as sweet vocal harmonies create that arena rock swagger, only to veer into a cacophonous breakdown as bongo drums, heavy guitars & vocal distortion pave the way into a blistering solo. One last chorus rounds off with that dark descending riff, and you’re left to do little more than hit the repeat button.

Layers are the key for Diamond 6, and they lay ‘em down to perfection in Far From Home. Check it out now on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music!
– Jasmine Gould-Wilson

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