Getting Lost Will Help You Find Yourself by Empty Tomb


Getting Lost Will Help You Find Yourself – Empty Tomb

Track Listing:
1. Misty Street
2. Hold My Hand
3. Through Your Blood
4. The Day Is Coming
5. Yourself
6. Everything
7. Silence, Solitude, Shoreline
8. When I Pray
"Getting Lost Will Help You Find Yourself" is a highly emotionally charged creation by alternative rock band, Empty Tomb. Empty Tomb played in the Underground music scene years ago (beginning their career in 2005), but have come a lot further since then. They represented Hong Kong in the ‘Yamaha Asian Beat Band Competition’ in the 2007-08 grand final held in Macau, and later on released a limited edition single of ‘Hold My Hand’ (Track 2 on this full length album) in 2009. This new concept album reads like an extremely deep, lengthy and reflective diary entry. All about finding yourself (indefinitely), emotion, people and adventure/journey, it is relatable and a great album to really listen to from beginning to end. Having being influenced by bands like Radiohead and Jimmy Eat World, some of Empty Tomb’s work is experimental, and we get that guitar-driven "emotional hardcore", infused into the way the lyrics are sung, and the negative space within the instrumental. With blunt, discerning lyrics, it’s an overwhelming nostalgia.

Misty Street (Track 1) starts us off inspirationally hopeful. Sentimental and thoughtful, the simplicity of the beat and steadiness of how the instruments play seem to slow the atmosphere around us. Another great thing about Empty Tomb is that their lyrics question things and always possess some sense of wonder. For example in ‘Hold My Hand’ (Track 2) – ‘Where will they go? // Do they know where is their destination?’ Tracks 3-5 contrasts their respected softer, more pensive style, with a louder, angrier, busier feel through a thicker texture and faster build-up. ‘Silence, Solitude, Shoreline’ (Track 7) with no vocals, reflects on the post-rock movement and how the genre can tell a very moving story, growing and transforming with every note. The instruments coerce one another well… however, I’d have liked to hear a little more explosion and noise towards the end. Personally though, I’d recommend ‘Everything’ (Track 6), there is a certain yearning that really mirrors almost every aspect of the band’s ability.

So if you are now totally willing (or dying) to go see and hear more of Empty Tomb, their album release party is on the 6th of December 2013 at 8pm in Sai Wan Ho, HK!
– Chloe Cheng

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