Inspired by People by Luke Chow


After two years of anticipation, introspective singer-songwriter Luke Chow has finally released his long-awaited debut album. Having Alexandra from Hard Candy on bass, Mike from Shepherds the Weak on drums, and Ben Tse from The Lovesong as the producer, inspired by people is a philosophical journey paved with optimism, musicianship and passion. On this nine tracker, Luke expresses his intimate feelings and perspectives on life through his swaying guitar rhythms and flickering melody lines. His mellow voice – sometimes pleading, sometimes poignant – brightens the melodramatic lyrics with enthusiasm and sincerity, enticing you to drown in and reflect on yourself. It would be more accurate to say Luke possesses a blend of John Mayer’s sensuality and Jason Mraz’s exuberance.Becoming A Dentist is the highlight of the album. With relentlessly upbeat drum grooves and grungy guitars, Luke conveys the importance of having control over your own life in a fervent and cheerful manner. Two Weeks Too Few is another notable track comprising of a series of impressive changes in song structure and mood. Not only does it push the sentimentality to its limit, it also turns the song into strong surges of emotions.

If it is consolation that you seek, inspired by people is the right choice. Trust me. You’ll be happy.
Reviewed by Nicholas
September 2007

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