Introducing… by League of Gentlemen


1. Swirly Girl
2. Charming Life
3. Love Falls
4. Absolutely Friends
5. Party Time Wasting
6. Dr. Fu Manchu
7. Sweet Honey Overdrive
8. Outta My Head
9. Sparkle in the Rain
10. Julia
11. Lil’ Tina
12. In the Winter Light

I certainly remember seeing League of Gentlemen live. Their pure defiant rock and roll energy created a very exciting together-ness out of the crowd. Their performance is a little mix between a comedy sketch and some serious stage ownership, and their songs are obviously well written and catered for the enjoyment of the audience.
Their new 12-track debut album titled ‘Introducing…’ pretty much already alludes to the fact that they aren’t just a band who plays good music, but are dynamic performers too.
LofG are a classic rock n’ roll band that combine indie pop/rock references and garage rock. Running at just under 50 minutes, they play fun, easy-going tunes that are wide in variety, all of which include a crazy catchy hook that will leave you grooving for hours. Their lead vocalist Phillip has a way of making his vocal delivery intense and focused while still eager enough to let the partnerships between all the instruments become the music’s platform. Their debut features songs from more grungy rock and roll in tracks like ‘Swirly Girl’, ‘In the Winter Light’, and ‘Outta My Head’ to insistent funky rhythms shown by ‘Dr. Fu Manchu’ and ‘Lil’ Tina’.
‘Party Time Wasting’ has a monotonous yet laid back quality, which gives the track a unique edge and gradually builds up the energy towards the chorus, and ‘Julia’ on the other hand, the most dissimilar song on the album, infuses a post-punk guitar progression that has a subdued nature that seems like an emotional outlet.
Overall this album is a lot of fun. In all, each track is a production on its own, quirky but consistent, the league have introduced a lasting first impression.

Recommended Tracks:
6. Dr. Fu Manchu
1. Swirly Girl
7. Sweet Honey Overdrive

– Chloe Cheng

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