The Other Side of My Mind by Asyndeton

The other side of my mind.jpg

1. Ascending Heaven
2. Paranoia
3. Warrior
4. Gold
5. Falling Through

Ascending Heaven
We kick off with nice slice of atmospheric, melodic, moody electronica, really great low-key vibe, which slowly builds into a super anthemic chorus, breaking into a low-fi section before back into the chorus but this time with a much bigger rocky vibe – awesome job. I bet this one rocks big time live.

No messing here, straight into a big guitar riff, but while the shape and structure may be a familiar to rock aficionados, that soaring, emotive vocal somehow manages to keep it a cut above average and super listenable. Yeah!

A funkier, more playful vibe to this one, with another catchy sing-along chorus accompanied by sexy, fuzzy guitars – yum. Something about it reminds of Jason Mraz in parts. Nice little solo. Chartastic!

Another super atmospheric intro, all on sweet-sounding acoustic. There’s that nice vocal again as well, adding a bit of grace to everything. Cool harmonies on verse two. Not quite the original edginess of some of the other tracks but still maintains that pop awareness that should see these guys go far. Another killer vocal delivery.

Falling Through
The biggest rock riffery so far, satisfyingly heavy without straying into metal territory or losing that commercial appeal.

On the strength of this excellent EP Asyndeton have definitely got something different and interesting to offer. I feel their strength is on the darker, more modern and innovative sounds, whereas when they bring the more classic rock they can start to slip into slightly more well-trodden territory. But solid songwriting, excellent vocals, strong playing and intelligent pop sensibilities bode well for these young guys. Ascending Heaven the standout track for me but I want more.

– Dan Creffield

The Other Side of my mind is available at bandcamp or download from itunes.

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