Timeless Collective by Seasons for Change


  1. ANIMA
  2. RAIN
  3. SKY


“Timeless Collective” is the new EP from Hong Kong Pop Punk act Seasons for Change. This is an exciting listen and I highly recommend it.

ANIMA starts with atmospheric drumming and crisp guitar tones. The vocalist comes in with a smooth flowing tone that moves over the verses. We then see one of the interesting aspects of this band, the two vocalists. There is a lot of interesting harmonizing. It gives the project a unique feel.

RAIN is similarly and sweet catchy tune that maintains the atmosphere built in the first song. The guitar is a bit hidden in the mix which is a bit dissapointing but doesn’t detract at all.

METEOR is the real standout on the EP. It is the most indicative of all the good elements of the project. The catchy melodies, the harmonizing, the crisp guitar tone.

Overall, the EP is a lot of fun. It’s not changing the world of pop-punk or anything and the lyrics aren’t anything new, but it knows what it is trying to do and does it very well. It has it’s own take on the genre that seperates it from its contemporaries, and I highly recommend picking it up.

– Josh Ellis-Einhorn

This album is available from iTunes.

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