We Wanted to be the Sky EP by We Wanted to be the Sky

We Wanted To Be The Sky - We Wanted To Be The Sky EP - cover.png

1. Heart Attack (On The Halfway Line)
2. Walls
3. Play Again
4. Yrma
5. Because All Romantics Are Quitters

The occasional dissonance and the alluring combination of soaring female vocals and rock and roll riffs are all punctuated and topped off by slogging, grimy, ear-splitting rhythm. Some of their material is almost vulnerable, as the instruments depend on one another to build up each layer to suit the dominance of the vocals (clear example of this in ‘Play Again’). All six pieces are indisputably distinctive and one-of-a-kind. There are moments of playfulness, triumph, fun, innovation, and just good ol’ alternative rock that come together and create almost sweet-talk for the ears.

WWTBTS play raw, well-established songs that, in a very short space of time, convey so much – not as much I feel, with their lyrics, but through the way their instrumentals click and communicate with each other. They’re a marathon (or two) beyond the awkward pop-punk /alternative sound but yet still manage to remind me of it. This new material sounds crisp, brief and full of gut.

‘Walls’ allows a thin texture of a piano to shine over static in just a total of one minute. I also think ‘Yrma’ is what a Hallmark Christmas card would sound like. But after ‘Yrma’, ‘Because All Romantics Are Quitters’ would have to be my favorite track on the EP. I’m absolutely 100% intrigued by the section in the verses – the simplicity of the clacking of drum sticks praise the clarity of the vocals. In all, this is music I know I’ll be listening to daily for the next couple of weeks.

– Chloe Cheng

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