Y-Concept’s INDIERISES (compilation album)

IX- 初久-白衣
Plural – Drive Off
Satori Bloom – 如娃娃
Simplify 簡單點 – 城市裡的愚人
meet the dust 遇飛塵- 聽聽

A collaborative work whose release date was postponed due to the SARS-COV-2 pandemic, Y-Concept presents INDIERISES 2019: a five track celebration of homegrown indie rock, performed and written by local Hong Kong bands.

IX’s 初久-白衣 opens as an emotive piano-backed ballad. Flavours of Evanescence’s My Immortal permeate, haunting female vocals stirring the listener before the track kicks in with drums and guitars. The timbre of the track builds in texture and theatricality, with rich piano melodies underlaid by thrumming bass and rhythm guitars and building up to a crescendo of sound. Catchy from the first listen through, 初久-白衣 offers an impressive, sublimely produced opener to this collection.

Plural take the reins next with Drive Off, a funky indie rock getup. Anchored by an infectious bass hook and breezy acoustic guitars, this track asserts Plural’s groove-oriented rock flair with sophistication. If the Chilli Peppers are your speed, this track is sure to get you bopping along.

如娃娃 is Satori Bloom’s summertime rock offering. Peppy vocals and percussion give this track a distinct 00s college rock attitude, the chorus sections not dissimilar to something from the intro to a high school TV drama. Even if canto pop-rock mystifies you, there is a universality about Satori Bloom’s effortless joy which will resonate with even the most clueless listener.

Penultimate track 城市裡的愚人 by Simplify opens diminutively, stripped back with bare bones instrumentation. The offbeat snare drum kicks and rich lead guitar tone are deliciously satisfying, especially paired with a soaring chorus. Much like its neighbouring tracks, 城市裡的愚人 is an easy-listening ear worm which is hard to shake once the melody gets in your head!

Finally, meet the dust’s 聽聽 is a bassy, airy indie ballad with beautifully contrasting moments of quietness and loudness. The perfect end to the album, this song continues the running sentiment of major-key positivity, sunshine almost palpable in its myriad layers.

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By Jasmine Gould-Wilson

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