Angus Leung

– Photographer/Graphic Designer
Angus Leung; leathersmith and photographer extraordinaire, he has little or no interest in taking photos of the birds and the trees, preferring the thrill-a-minute action of live music. As the lead guitarist for Thinking Out Loud, Angus is no stranger to the indie scene in Hong Kong, on stage or off.
As the artistic virtuoso behind the many posters, graphics, photographs and other pretty things the Underground puts out, Angus has been working tirelessly over the years to make sure the Underground looks as pretty as possible.


Angus是一名皮革匠和出色的攝影師。他興趣不在於大自然攝影,卻熱衷於為現場音樂拍攝。他亦是Thinking Out Loud的結他手,因此對獨立現場音樂製作的運作非常熟悉。Angus為The Underground擔任攝影工作多年, 對The Underground 的相片,圖像及其藝術品力求完美。

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