Brendan Clift

Brendan is the go-to guy for legal advice and documentation for the many game-changing music deals brokered by the Underground. He’s also a sometime writer and reviewer and a well-travelled
drummer. His previous bands include Teenage Girls, Bank Job, Thinking Out Loud and too many Sydney and Melbourne bands to count.


Bren 一直為 Underground 的各種合約文件提供法律意見。除此以外,作為經常走訪表演的樂隊鼓手他亦會在閒時撰寫樂評
及賞析。而他曾經活躍的樂隊包括有Teenage Girls,Bank job 和 Thinking Out Loud,還有眾多未數上的悉尼以及墨爾本樂隊等等。

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