Bun Ng

Bun Ng thinks he’s a thinker. You can engage him in topics ranging from Stephen Hawking’s achievement (he thinks it’s very limited) to whether one should watch B movies (should). His limited background in grooving around the indie music community includes hosting a weekly webcast, carrying heavy gear for indie bands, and going to 3 shows a night. He can be spotted in an Underground show bossing performers around right before the they hit the stage, after which he thinks whatever happens to the performers would be none of his business (this means his most frequent role in The Underground is a Stage Manager, thank you very much). But, ultimately, he thinks indie bands should always remain indie bands (you see, this is a very long philosophical discussion, which ranges around the money performers make vs whether performers think making money is very important and whether James Brown sold his soul to the devil in the BMW film Beat The Devil, and so on and so forth …)
Bun Ng 認為他是一個沈思者。他可以跟你暢談Stephen Hawking的成就(他覺得很有限),又或B級電影應不應該看(應該)。在indie音樂群之中,他的有限度的經歷包括每週一次的網台主持、幫忙indie樂隊搬沈重的器材,和一個晚上去看3場音樂會。而在一場The Underground的音樂會,你可能見到他對演出樂手們在演出前指指點點;等樂手演出後,他又覺得有什麼事要發生在樂手身上已經與他無關(答對了,他常是The Underground的舞台經理)。不過,最終,他覺得indie樂隊好應該一直保持indie的態度(這樣的:這是一個漫長的哲學討論,要牽涉到演出者賺的錢,和演出者對賺錢看得多重要,和究竟在BMW films “Beat The Devil”裡面James Brown是否真的賣了他的靈魂給魔鬼,諸如此類,諸如此類…)

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