Cliff Babbs

A never-say-die punk rocker, Cliff began his musical journeys in his teens, both singing classically in school choirs as well as fronting various cover bands. Well known for his on-stage antics – which included swigging from a bottle of champagne at an alcohol-free disco; to smashing a pub’s drum kit during a rendition of My Way; to stopping mid-performance to openly sexually covort with a member of the audience – Cliff embraced the stereotypical rock and roll lifestyle of “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll” by his early twenties.It was during his early twenties that Cliff turned his attention to writing poetry/lyrics, very much influenced by the likes of Morrissey, Jim Morrison and Joe Strummer, ranging from his views of personal anquish to misguided attacks on authority. His downward spiral continued into his late 20s when Cliff wrote and sang a love song written for his then girlfriend, with musical help from his sister, the famous Chris B. The subsequent breakup led to Cliff entering his “extended creative sabbatical”. Now sober and clean, Cliff has taken his military training, as well as security training, and joined The Underground movement of Hong Kong. Still a lover of music, he also DJs in his spare time at various functions, as well as regularly over the internet. Having been to, both as an audience member and as a member of staff, an enormous number of gigs, he often gives his point of view and impressions of various gigs – however, his colourful choice of language for the poorer performances forever bars him from being a critic! Known for his great disgust of commercial music, ie. boybands, girlbands, Simon Cowell, Britney and the other “creatures of hypocrisy”, Cliff has always and will always continue to support local bands, as well as his love for indie music and labels. If you’re a musician who can actually sing and/or play an instrument, you’re 50% there of getting his attention!

Cliff在少年時開始他的音樂旅程,並在學校及多個樂隊擔任歌唱工作,被人稱為never-say-die punk rocker。他擅長及聞名於台上的古怪滑稽表演,包表演痛飲,打碎場地的樂鼓等。二十初歲時,”sex,drugs and rock and roll”成為他的lifestyle。在二十多歲後, 他受Morrissey, Jim Morrison 和Joe Strummer影響,轉移至填詞,個人價值觀也改變不少。
他曾在二十多歲後期為女朋友創作和演唱情歌,更得到Chris B協助,但隨後結果卻是分手下場,於是Cliff便進入了休息狀態。他接受軍事及保安訓練後,開始活躍於The Underground。
Cliff仍然是個音樂愛好者, 他在空閒時間於不同活動擔任DJ, 也活躍於網絡。他曾在不同演出中擔當觀眾及成員, 因此能給予樂隊演出評價,更會用不同色彩的形容詞去批評表現較差的樂隊。他亦了解不同商業音樂,如boybands, girlbands, Simon Cowell, Britney。他會繼續支持本地樂隊及獨立音樂。如果你是音樂人,便會吸引到他的注意。

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