Dan Creffield

Journalist Dan Creffield has been in and around the music industry since the dawn of rock ‘n’ roll (it seems that way anyway), as a pop wannabe, gigging musician and guitar for hire. A brief period signed to a major UK label with his band in the late 1990s ended when no one bought the records. Subsequently an adamant believer in geniuses often not being recognised until ​after ​
their death, he is now more comfortable behind a Mac than under the bright lights of pop stardom. In the process of building a pro level home studio, he hasn’t given up on (finally) making some decent money from the music industry (or at least getting his beers covered). In the meantime, as a champion of the alternative, independent scene, he gets his music fix writing reviews for The Underground.
Check out some of his tracks here:

​記者Dan Creffield自搖滾的誕生(看似如是)開始,便在音樂工業上打滾,是一名不折不扣的流行音樂追隨者、gig場音樂
類及獨立音樂中的王者,他正為The Underground寫樂評而從中獲取他的音樂靈感。

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